Have a Grand'er!


Plan a GRAND - $1000 Party!
Let's start with Party Planning!
  1. Click with your new Host!
    1. Connect. Listen. Confirm!
    2. Build a relationship with your Host with good communication!
  2. Coach your Host to have a GRAND $1000 Party!
    1. Set the date, time and party THEME.
    2. Give her a party packet! (Use Tupperware party planning envelopes or a cute gift bag!) Include the following items:
      • Current dating gift
      • 3-4 catalogs, sale brochures, sales specials
      • 6-8 Order Forms - or print our Outside order form!
      • This guest list printed front/back or you can email her this guest list in excel and ask her to email it back to you!
        • Make sure you aquire the guest list via email or provide an envelope with a stamp on it, so she can mail it back to you!
      • Review the current Host Gift Sheet with your host. This is found onhttp://My.Tupperware.com under Current Promotions.
        • Have her select the Host Gift she is working for! Show her what she will need in sales to reach her goal.
  3. Utilize FREE internet services to keep her guests engaged
    1. TupperConnect on your my sales site! Guest that cannot attend can shop online and your host will receive the sale credit!
    2. Send out reminder calls to your hosts and guests with http://phonevite.com
  4. Mail reminder invitations or post cards to your party guests! 
    1.   Sending the current sale flyer is GREAT!  Include host info - ask them to bring the flyer to the party - then you can re-use it!
    2. Send a postcard invitation POSTCARD GENERIC INVITE.pdf
  5. Contact your host 2-3 times before the party! Let her know of any new specials and remind her to personally call her guests and collect outside orders!
  6. Mail your host the Incredible Party Letter!  Send this separate from the host packet!
  7. At the Party: Have your guests sign a square with every $20 they spend! 50 squares = a $1000 party! One square wins the GRAND prize! 


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