Bridal Showers


Tupperware Bridal Showers

Wedding bells ring all year long, so why not let everyone at your parties know that you specialize in Tupperware Bridal Showers?


Most brides of today have been raised in a home where Tupperware is used. They realize the importance of Tupperware in every household and no bride should start her home without it.


 You will love this…sales and datings are always great. You will get so much satisfaction out of seeing the bride’s excitement!


 Sales Scroll for the bride

Bridal registry sign in.docx

 Bridal Shower Games Word doc




 Print this on a pretty piece of paper to present to your bride! Roll it (like a scroll) and tie with a ribbon and present it to her at the party after all totals are calculated!

That your friends love you,


There can be no doubt!


They’ve paid for your order.


You just fill it out!


Congratulations and best wishes from


us all! You may choose




in Tupperware products!


 Where to find brides?


1. Talk about bridal showers at every party and keep an easel with Bridal Shower information on your demo table. 

2. Watch the paper for bridal announcements and send letter explaining Tupperware Bridal Showers to the bride and her mother.  


Party Planning


A bridal shower needs extra planning and it is well worth the extra effort. In planning with the hostess, it is very important that she understands the plan. One VERY important matter to be discussed is “who” is to receive the hostess gifts. Have this carefully and clearly understood with the hostess so no one will be embarrassed. Suggest that the bride receive all gifts-this is the hostess’ special gift to her. Our hostess gifts always make an ideal gift for the bride. Be sure you both understand if this will be a surprise shower or not. Work with the hostess….Plan, Plan, Plan!




Here is a sample postcard you can use! 

Bridal Shower pc



When party planning, suggest that you send the invitations, using our monthly brochure. You will include a special invitation. This is one of the best ways to be sure that no one purchases Tupperware from another consultant…thinking that they are to bring Tupperware to the shower!




You should make extra preparations for a bridal shower. Discuss the bride’s colors with the hostess.

Purchase a few bows in her colors. Decide who will decorate for the shower. Dress up your demo and dress up yourself! Give a little! If there is a question about tax, pay it yourself. The few pennies involved will come back to you many times.



Different ways to do the shower


1. Guests tell the hostess the pieces of Tupperware that they would like to give the bride. Hostess or consultant sends out invitations and asks that the guests call with their gift choice. The bride has given the hostess a “wish list” from which the guests choose. Many times the monthly brochure is sent with the invitation and wish list enclosed. The hostess then orders the Tupperware (with payment) and the consultant brings the Tupperware to the party with cards indicating who gave what. (Use the back of your business cards for this) The night of the party, the guests have the opportunity to order for themselves with the credit going to the bride. Many consultants feel they have bigger parties this way because the payment comes at two different times for the guests. They pay first for the bride and then pay for their own order the night of the party. Several days before the party, the hostess should call those who have not responded.


2. Surprise shower: The hostess or consultant sends out the invitations explaining the shower. The guests indicate at the party how much they would love to give the bride. This can be done two ways. The consultant decorates a box or piece of Tupperware and the guests put their money in when they come to the shower. They can also be given an order form (have them fill out their name address, etc. at top for her thank you notes. They write on the order form: Gift Certificate for ______ and put the amount in the price box. If using this method, give them two order forms, one for the bride and one for their personal order. (Do not charge two handling charges!) The consultant figures the total and gives it to the bride on a gift certificate. You might wish to have all the guests sign the gift certificate. (A sample of this certificate is enclosed in this booklet)



3. Bride knows about the shower and the guests donate money or purchase items from her wish list. This is handled the same as a surprise shower, except that the bride knows that she is having a Tupperware Shower. Before leaving, go over the items ordered with the bride. Be sure there are no duplicates and, if there are, “exchange” them then. You can close the party then also. Have her choose Thank You Gifts and hostess gifts before you leave.


What the Consultant does at the shower


1. The consultant makes a corsage for the bride of Tupperware goodies. (It is also nice to make a smaller one for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom) 


2. Play wedding shower games. Make sure you have duplicate prizes…one for the winner and one for the bride. 


3. Demo-have a variety of products and be sure to demonstrate all the seals. Make sure you include Hostess Gift Specials and Thank You Gift Choices. Be sure to include in the demo the fact that datings and personal orders all go to the bride’s gift credit. Give lots of dating and recruiting bids. 


4. Consider filling a Smidget or Midget with rice or birdseed for each guest. This is their favor from the party…be sure to have one for the bride also. 


5. Give the bride a list of every gift and whom it was from. You should include their mailing address for her Thank You notes.


6. It is also nice to bring a congratulatory card for all the guests (and you) to sign.


7. Include an index card in the invitation. Ask each guest to put their favorite recipe on one side and their advice to the bride and groom on the other. Everyone loves this!


More Documents & Ideas for You!

Remember- these are ideas! You can do your showers how YOU want!



Demonstrate only a FEW items! Remember! Your shower is ABOUT THE BRIDE!




About the fiancé


1. What is his middle name?


2. What color are his eyes


3. What is his favorite food?


4. What is his favorite beverage?


5. What is his mother’s name?


6. Is he on-time?


7. What kind of car does he drive?


8. Who is his worst habit?


9. What is his best quality?


10. What is his idea of a perfect night?


11. Is he a careful driver?


12. What is his favorite breakfast?


Repeat for bride. Usually the bride wins hers and the groom’s mother wins the one about the fiancé. Have gifts for both.


Lover’s Quiz


You call out the male lovers and they give the female. This can be a paper and pencil or team game.




John Smith-----------------Pocahontas


John Alden-----------------Priscilla








George Burns--------------Gracie Allen




Raggedy Andy-------------Raggedy Ann


Robert Browning----------Elizabeth Barrett


George Washington-------Martha


Clyde Barrow--------------Bonnie Parker




Prince Charming-----------Snow White


Popeye-----------------------Olive Oyl



Memory Game


Ask the bride to leave the room and ask the guests the following questions about her:


1. Color of hair?                           7. Wearing a watch?


2. Color of eyes?                         8. How many rings is she wearing?


3. Color of shoes?                      9. Wearing dress, skirt or pants?


4. Main color of outfit?                10. Her middle name?


5. Wearing a necklace?              11. Wearing nail polish?


6. Wearing earrings?                 12. Wearing heels or flats?



 Bridal Adjective Game


Everyone writes down three adjectives (fine, terrible, super, etc.). As you read the story, go around the room and let them fill in with one of their adjectives. They must call them out in the order that they listed them.


“Marriage is a ____occasion. It can be a ____experience for two ____young people. The bride and groom will experience some ____and ____times together. Sharing will be a ____part of their marriage. Remember, as you begin this ____journey together, to follow our ____advice and always keep a ____attitude in times of trouble. Our best wishes to the ____couple. May you have many, many happy years together!”


Proverbial Problems


The following proverbs have been used over the years as advice for newlyweds in establishing their first home. Complete as may as you can. This can be paper and pencil or team game.


1. A stitch in time______________(saves nine)


2. Better late__________________(than never).


3. Never put off until tomorrow______(what you can do today).


4. A watched pot____________(never boils).


5. What’s good for the goose_____(is good for the gander).


6. There are two sides_________(to every story).


7. The early bird catches________(the worm).


8. All’s well_________(that ends well).


9. Contentment is better_______________ (than riches)


10. A penny saved___________(is a penny earned).


11. A bird in the hand________(is worth two in the bush)


12. Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, _____________(half shut afterward). 



Guests draw a tic-tac-toe board and fill in with wedding-related words. Call out your master list. First to tic-tac-toe wins.

 Ribbons candles lace mother  father honeymoon 

Flower girls ring bearer food tuxedo bride groom

Flowers cake reception best man groomsmen church

 Minister maid of honor bridesmaids usher bouquet rice

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Ring gifts 





















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