Host Packet info...

Be sure to add all the info your host will need! 

*Color Code your sheets!  Color coding makes it easy to talk to your host over the phone or via email..."check the recipes in your host packet - they are on the green sheet"!

*Go Thru the packet with your host in person whenever possible in person! 


KEEP IT SIMPLE- Simple, yet SOOOOO Important!

  1. Party Planning Packet
  • Catalogs, Flyers and other literature
  • Order Forms
  • Host Letter or Tic-Tack-Toe or Success Party Guide
  • 2 Guest Mailing or E-mailing lists …Top copy – use to address invites, bottom – for you and the host to keep for tracking rsvp’s!
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
  • Host Gift Sheet or Host Flyer if offered that month…see my.tupperware!
  • Recipe Options/Selectionbe sure to put your name & info on these!  Women keep them forever!!!
  • Fundraiser info sheet
  • Recruiting Information….”we save the BEST for last!” 
  1. Coach your host ASAP in PERSON
  2. Provide a “DATING GIFT”…currently it is _______________________
  3. TAKE CONTROL!  Make 3-4 contacts before each party with the host!
    • Send thank you note or phone call:  As soon as the planning session is done, send a brief hand-written thank you note to your host. “Dear Cindy, I enjoyed meeting you at Pam’s Tupperware party.  Thank you for scheduling your own Party with me. You helped Pam earn FREE Tupperware and you’re next! I will plan to see you at (time) and if I can be of any help to you before then, please let me know. Again, thank you for being a special host. Sincerely,”
    • First Call:   
      •  i.      Ask for guest list if not received yet and verify the invitations have been sent or will go out on (date).
      • Remind host to personally invite her guests.  Give her a reason to call her guests:  “Mary, this is February so ask your friends to wear something with hearts and I will have a gift for them!" 
      • Remind host to work on outside orders. Ask SPECIFIC QUESTION
    • Second Call (about 2 days before the party):                                                         i.      Find out the number of people she’s expecting                                  ii.      Ask about the guests attending, tailor the party to suit their needs 
       iii.      Remind host to work on outside orders…ask SPECIFIC QUESTIONS
       iv.      Keep her enthusiasm high. “With all the people you’re inviting, I just know you’re going to receive the…                                                            v.      Get directions and remind her you’ll be arriving a half hour early 

**Contact is important for party holding consultants as well as Catalog Specialists!!!** 

*Have at least 3 catalogs, 3 flyers & outside order forms in the packets!  Too many - and they will give them to people all over - never getting them back and often never getting an order!  If you only give them a couple book - their friends will look at the book, place their order and give it back!

Cons Host bonus gifts w shipping chart.docx - encourage and reward your host for pre-party actions!  This is a Word doc 

Host Punch Card.pdf - reward your host all year long - 10% off ONE item at every party she attends! 

Host Punch Card publisher file for editing 



host pak recipes.doc

New Cons host pak recipes.doc

outside order form.xls

Party to the Max.doc

outside order form.xls in Excel for editing

Date Me Recipes.pdf Use the DATE ME program and recipes from Tupperware!



 Spicy Host

Spicy Host coupons book

 Party_Is_Over_Host sheet

Perfect_Party_Check_Off_Sheet.pdf - keep your business organized with this sheet!



Host Coaching! 

Keeping your host excited is one the key success factors!  Stay in touch! Be excited!  What is her gift goal?  Contact contact Contact!  You can do it!   



 be the one host coaching

Be prepared for bad weather

 Party Planning and Host Coaching Checklist.pdf









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