How Do I Get Started?

  First, let's order your kit! You get an amazing product selection to display and use in your own kitchen!  You can select full pay or payment plan!

SECOND let's set the date of your Grand Opening Activity!  We want you to get active within your first 30 days with at least one party!  We will help you with that party!




No matter how big you dare to dream, we provide the training, the tools and the proven path to success that empowers you
to advance as far as you want to go. Your Business Kit contains everything you need for a successful start.

Plus, through the Confident Start program, you can qualify for tools to grow your business and open the doors to
increased earning potential during your first 13 weeks.

Getting started is easy
Investing in yourself and your new Tupperware business is easy. You may choose to pay for your $99.99 Business Kit
with our Easy Payment plan using a credit card.

Start today!
Let a Consultant show you how.


Practice your party!  Visualize your party!
Do your first party!


Tupper-bucks to use at your parties!


  • We have Tupper Bucks for you to purchase!  Ask at the next team event!


Schedule your first few parties using your FRANK List!
F - Friends
- Relatives
A - Acquaintances
N - Neighbors
K - Kids contacts
Write down 3 people from each category! These will be your first people to contact to be a PARTY HOSTESS for you!
Be excited! Let them know they can earn around $150-$200 in free Tupperware - just for having a few friends over for a party and helping you start your business!



When you get a YES, then ask them; "What works better, weekdays or weekends?" Give 2 choices of dates that work for you. And choose the party date, immediately!



 Start Spreading the, friends, co-workers...


  • Make your contact list.  Need help?  Think of FRANK!  Also review this document for dealing with objections!

      Follow the Confident Start Program and earn additional awards in your first 13 weeks!


    • Network in your community!  Newspapers or online!




Hurry! Don't delay! This program is only available during your first 13-weeks of business!
Jump onto the FAST TRACK! 


 You can enter our WOW Development program within your first 2-months of business! This is a program that will promote you to DIRECTOR within 3-months! This earns you a trip to HAWAII or DISNEY! After promoting to Director and achieving 1-year of pre-set monthly TEAM goals, you will achieve an ULTIMATE WOW-WIN! Of a FREE CAR!

                                    Why not make TODAY

the day

 that makes a DIFFERENCE?


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