Survey Parties

 Survey Party Instructions.doc


Survey FridgeSmart.pdf

Survey SmartSteamer.pdf

 Survey Pasta Maker Invite.pdf

 Survey Freezer Mates.pdf

 Survey Stack cooker.pdf

 Survey Smooth_Chopper.pdf


tupperware theme idea booklet & games.pdf



 Everyone Wins Party - have 5-10 people collect orders!

Enter as ONE large Party!  Everyone wins with lotsa of host gifts! 


bingo home party outline ldt.doc From Loretta DiCenso Tiber


 Camping w TW & Keep Tabs.pdf



Theme Party Sheets

 Pick Your Own Party Sign ... Strawberry Time, Chocolate Lovers, Mommy & Me, etc

 Parties & Product Suggestions.xlsx...want to do a fun summer theme but don't know what to bring??  Product list for the pick your party themes.






 7Up Party.pdf










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