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     Freezer Storage Times.doc


     Freezer mate chart Tupperware.pdf


    What are those Ice Trays for???? 

    Ice Trays 20 uses.pdf

     FridgeSmart concept & chart.pdf

     FridgeSmart fun facts.pdf

     Modular Mates

    I include in ALL host packets when Modulars are on sale!

    Keep in my party folders all year! 


    MM chart 2_pg_-_b&w.pdf


    Custom Kitchen Planning:

    Custom kitchen MM tally sheet.pdf


     CUSTOM KITCHEN Graph.pdf


    Have a little fun at the party with the Flour & Sugar Story! 

     Custom Kitchen Sugar & flour story

    Custom Kitchen sugar flour invitation.pdf


    How to do a Modular Mate Party Demo


    MM demo Jan 08 

     MM party demo from 09.pdf

     MM Have you ever.pdf

    Custom Kitchen food list game.pdf  

    Modular_Mates info sheet.doc

    Modular Mates Sq & Rect.doc

    More charts... check the my.tupperware website for more!

    MM Chart 4_pgs_b&w.pdf

     MM Chart four_pg_-_color 11.pdf

    MM chart 2 pgs color.pdf

    Modular Mate Labels 

    It's easy to print your own Modular Mates and Spice Container labels when you follow these simple steps.

    1. Purchase Avery Labels #8167 (clear or white) for your printer type—ink jet or laser printer.

    2. Insert a page of labels in your printer.

    3. Open the attached Microsoft Word file and select "file, print" and send to your printer.

    If you have any difficulties with this process, you can also visit: for information and label options. 


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