Recruiting is the Answer! having successful growth in your Tupperware business! Let's start with your HOSTS! 

When:  before, during and after the party!  How…plant seeds…



1)     Before the party (during your party planning and host coaching)


a.      Start Today Flyer


b.     Income Opportunity flyer


c.      Dream of a Job story


e.  Host Tic-Tack-Tupper

f.   Tupperware vs. Part-Time Job

d.    Mail the Hotline postcard and after hotline phone number add these words:  "Then call me to answer 3 short questions and receive a gift!"

     Questions you ask when they call:

     1) What impressed you the most about the Tupperware opportunity?

     2) Can you get excited about earning $1000 a month with only 6-8 hours away from home?

     3) What would stop you from trying Tupperware for only 30 days?

     On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 highest) how excited are you to start your own Tupperware business?  Can't say 5!



2)     During the party…


a.      During setup  ask host if she has thought about doing what you do


b.     Cinderella Principle:  Right before you start…whisper to your host… watch what I do tonight and put yourself in my shoes, let me know later what you think… follow-up after party!


c.      I-story


d.     Kit on display


e.      Signs!!

     1) Join Today Sign

     2) What Plan Works for YOU!


          f.       Ask me questions about my business… cards found on       under 'team share' link


           g.     Purse Game

h.     Dream Box


i.        Door Prize Drawing slip


j.       Tell guests to mark a T on order form if you think your host would be great at Tupperware too!

k.      Load your host with the kit!


l.        Helping hand!  Trace host hand on paper.  Pass around and have friends sign their name on finger if they will help by dating a party!  We are looking for the whole hand!



3)     After the party…


a.      Follow-up with Cinderella Principle… so what did you think about wearing my shoes?  You may hear objections… respond with… you sound a whole lot like me right before I got started!  The shoes may not fit just right… we will work together and make adjustments... once broken in they will be your shoes.

      From Cinderella…One Shoe can change your life!


b.     Show her how much money you just made at her party!


c.      Show how she can do the parties dated from her party and make money instead of spend money!

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