Recruiting - this is how you make the most money!!!

 See more info under Training Topics - on this website!  There are TWO Recruiting sections!


  • Log into your my.tupperware site for lots of info:

  • Have fun at your parties!  
  • Use the Jelly Bean Game!

Have a recruiting pack of info ready for people YOU want on your team! 
Also, on the my.tupperware website - Look under My Business>Recruiting Promotions to find the current offers!  Including Say Yes gifts!
My Business> Programs>Confidence Programs
Keep Track of your Interviews every month!


 Special Edition Careers soar.pdf


Want to sell more?  Date more?  Recruit more?  Keep this with you and be sure to ask everyone at least 3 questions at checkout! 

3_questions at checkout.pdf


Look the profesional that YOU are!  Keep this with you - take to your recruit interviews!  Walks you thru and helps you to know 'what to say'!!! 

Pocket recruiting card.pdf


 How much money do you need?  Do you need insurance? To make money?  New friends?  Promotion? like Jewelry?  Etc???  

recruiting profit by the week.pdf






Great ideas and words to use out and about!

Word Choices.pdf


 Great to leave with everyone at your party ...keep this in your wallet - bring back to the next party for extra auction bucks!  And Call me when this is the last piece of money you are carrying around!

$1000 say yes Tupper Buck.pdf


Want something different for your door prize slip or at Tupper Fun Night??

9squaresheet_recr sheet.pdf


Using the $1000 hotline

1000 hotline with 3 questions.pdf



Who needs to make money??? Let Tupperware be your cash machine!

Cash machine.pdf


Recruiting labels for your folders/envelopes!



















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