Sampling Program Overview

Sampling Program Supports Your Party Demonstrations

Customers most often purchase what they see demonstrated. And, demonstrating the exclusive Host Gift Specials is the best way to date more parties and build party averages.

You?ll want to keep your party demonstration up-to-date with the latest products and Host gifts. The sampling program is an opportunity to supplement your demonstration with selected catalog items and featured mid-month brochure and Host products at special prices. This reduces your business costs while giving you tools to increase party sales and fill your datebook with new parties.

At the same time, you receive sales credit for your sample product purchases. Sales credit counts for personal sales awards, the Personal Sales Volume Bonus and team sales for royalties (for Managers and above).

Limit one of each sample

  • You can purchase one sample/color choice of each new product at a special sampling rate.
  • Additional quantities of brochure and catalog products may be purchased at your regular cost when the product is available for customer orders. 
  • When you receive a free product sample as an award or at a Tupperware event, you can still purchase a sample of the new product.

Exclusive Host products

  • Purchase sample for 50% of retail value
  • Receive sales credit equal to your purchase price (50% of retail value)

New products

  • Purchase sample for 65% of retail price
  • Retail price is your sales credit amount

Sales Specials

  • Purchase sample for 65% of sale price
  • Sale price is your sales credit amount

Purchase with purchase offers

  • Purchase sample for the actual purchase-with-purchase price
  • Sale price is your sales credit amount


Regardless of how large your sample order, you will pay only $8 for shipping. NOTE: Do not add any other item type to a sample order. This will cause you to be charged 10% for shipping.



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