Dating by telephone takes practice. Here are some tips:

  • Get an "A" For Attitude:  A positive attitude tends to help people be more responsive to you. Be positive about your Company and about your product.
  • Set Goals:  Each time you make dating calls, you should have a goal in mind. Talk to 20 people, date 5 parties, call for 2 hours, etc. Keep going until you achieve that goal.
  • Know Your Promotions:  Your prospects need to visualize. Be excited about the host/consumer promotions. Do your homework and know your promotions, sales specials, and Host gifts.

  • Organize Your Work Area:  Every job requires preparation in order to use time and resources effectively. Have dating items handy: Datebook, current catalog and brochure, parts book, order forms, calculator, pens, and a timer. Being organized will help your dating calls go more smoothly and help you maintain an effective work environment.

  • Organize Your "Retrieval" System:  Learn the best way to record information from a prospect. Lead sheets, dating logs, etc. are excellent ways to record important information that you will use for future dating calls. Not all Hosts will date now, therefore, you need to keep track of all of your calls for later use.  New Consultants and future Promote-Outs could also benefit from leads when in need of a dating "fix!" The greater your source of dating prospects, the greater your chance for dating.
  • Practice Your Message:  Know what you are going to say to date parties. You have many people to talk to.  You don't want to waste their time or yours. Be familiar with current promotions and gifts.  Have open dates clearly marked in your book.
  • Set The Mood:  Smile and be direct. You are working on your business. People respect work time anddedicated workers.
  • Ready, Get Set, Listen!:  Listen carefully to what your prospect needs. More product, extra income?  A Tupperware Host can get both ~ she just may need to hear the information from you.
  • Learn How To Handle Objections:  No matter how well you prepare, you will encounter some resistance. A "no" may just mean "not now". Offer a date a little further out. Be flexible and encouraging. . . but set a date!
  • Think Success:  Before you start dialing, mentally anticipate a positive outcome from your call.  Even if you don't date a party, make a positive impression. That Host will remember your consideration and enthusiasm the next time you call her to date and will be more apt to recommend you to another friend who needs a Tupperware lady.
  • ARE YOU READY??   You can do this! HAVE FUN!


The five steps to a dating conversation


    1. Introduce yourself  (Ask for time)

    “Hi (name of lead). This is (your name). We met at Lucy’s party last month.  Do you have a moment?”


    2. Purpose of call

    “(Customer name), when we spoke about a party for you at that time you had said that sometime in the future might be better for you...and that’s why I’m calling!”


    3. What’s in it for her

    “You are going to be so glad that you waited until now because we have a chance for you to earn a _____________ for only _________ for being a host right now along with your Thank you gift, 1/2 price items!”


    4. What’s in it for her friends

    “And we have a great sale going on for your friends too—even a special that they can take advantage of just for attending…”


    5. What she can expect and CLOSE THE DEAL!

    “And at all my shows this month I’m sharing the easiest recipe that tastes and smells delicious—we can even make it at your party!”


    ...If she says yes… Offer a choice of dates

    Which would be better for you and your friends—a Tuesday or a Thursday?”

    Then offer the CLOSEST ONE!!! Let her back you up a week or two and you have a party within 2-3 weeks.


    ...If she says NO…

    ASK—”is that no for now or no forever?”  Knowing the answer to this question will tell you whether to follow up at a future date or thank her for her business and ask her to think of you whenever she needs Tupperware.


Summer Dating Script...

Do You Need Money for Summer??


Here's what you need to do NOW - THIS WEEK!!


Set a time to make phone calls!! It can be a hour or a half hour or even 15 minutes at a time....


Who to call: Everyone you know... personal friends, family members, customers, leads from fairs/shows, last summer hosts...


What you could say:


"Hi, this is _________ from Tupperware & I am SO Excited about the Fantastic Sales we have going on right now AND great host benefits too!  Tupperware is great for all your summer activities!  I’m just really excited because Tupperware has just announced TWO trips that I can earn – free!  One to New Orleans and one to Cleveland!  


"Let me tell you what I am trying to do.... I want to set up as many little get togethers as I can over the next few days to help as many people as I can!  Everyone loves a summer party – on the deck, by the pool or just in the air conditioning!!!   This will help you and your friends do something fun for summer –with or without the kids! Wouldn't that be great?"

"We have money saving items for all families – from our best microwave line!  To our FridgeSmart containers to the Modular Mates – keep your fruits & veggies fresh and your snacks too!  Would you be interested in a cooking class – with 3 or more friends?  A flip flop & sunglasses party?  Or a Walking Taco party?  We will even prepare the snacks so you wouldn't have to worry about that! Let me ask you, thinking about your schedule, would Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon be better for you?"

 You can insert whatever day and time options that fit your schedule.... And only if they say a definite NO, then you could say:

"I understand. Let me ask you, if one of your friends were doing this to help you out, would you attend?" (They will probably say yes, because they think there is no commitment to this one, and since they have already turned you down, they will want to give you a bone... LOL - then you say: "Can you think of one of your friends that likes having a few people over to have some relaxing fun that might be interested in doing something like this?"

 Another Option would be: "I have a great party idea.... it's called a Pay-It-Forward Party... what we do, is invite a few people over just like a regular Tupperware party BUT when all the sales are calculated... instead of you keeping all of the hostess gifts, we donate them to a needy family or even an organization because Tupperware is great for everyone!! And we can even let the guests participate in picking out what to give away... Doesn't that sound like FUN?"

 NOW - I say this again STRONGLY... If you Need Money for summer... NOW is the time you need to be calling people and talking with them.... ALSO, if you reach an answering machine... don't just leave a message and consider that a done call! Try them again at a different time later that day or the next day.

 bad weather word choices.docx

Dating into the next 2 weeks word choices.pdf


Dating into the next 2 weeks word choices.pdf

To Call or Not to Call.pdf





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