So, you've opened your Tupperware Account!  Your kit is on the way!
Congratulations! You've taken your first step! Most people then
Now what do I do?
 Join our Team Events!  
  1. TriStar Rally is typically the first Monday of the calendar month!  Held in Cincinnati at the Clarion Hotel 3855 Hauck Rd.
  2. Team FlatOut Fun! Organization meets each month for our Recognition & Launch Party!  Typically the 2nd Monday
    of the calendar month - unless Rally falls in the second week of the sales month - then we have R&L the first week! 
    (For example, April ends on the 25th, Rally is May 5th so R&L will be April 29th)  R&L is held at the Ansonia City
    Building - 202 N Main St, Ansonia, OH 45303 - at the only stop light in town!  Across from the Post Office!
  3. Training Rally - held monthly at Bonnie's house! Business training, product demos and business building! 
    Typically the 3rd week of the month.
  4. Team Conference Calls - watch the TriStar and FlatOut Fun Facebook pages for monthly calls! 
Particpate in our Orientation and
Success Calls!

Watch for webinars and conference calls for New Consultant Training! Or schedule yours today!


The More You Learn - the More Yo 

These are TIME-SENSITIVE! Make sure you participate as soon as you receive your kit!




Start Spreading the News...family, friends,





Make your contact list.  Need help?  Think of FRANK!  Also review this document for dealing with
  • Practice!  Practice!  Practice your party!  Visualize your party! 
  • Do your first party!
  • Watch videos on Tupperware.com and You Tube has a lot of great
    demos to watch!\
  • Watch the Training on My.Tupperware.com & the "New Consultants" start here Tab
  • Attend a training party with your recruiter, new friend from the team and
    of course
    - your director!  
    Take a notepad, sit back and watch!  Write down questions
    to ask AFTER the party is over - when you chat later!  Remember, it is a courtesy to
    allow you to attend another person's party!  You are like a fly on the wall- seen not heard!
    • Network in your community!  Newspapers or online!


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