Have an event?  fair?  festival? vendor event??? This ia GREAT way to get new leads!  Check your local papers!     Be sure to ask if they have a Tupperware person yet!  If they do, move on!  Unless its a LARGE event - to have two from the same company is usually a waste of your time!  Be considerate - you wouldn't want another consultant coming to your event - so don't go into theirs!

Signs are a great way to share what you have to offer!

Yes!  We still DO parties!  this is a great sign to have at your displays!

 YES! we do parties.publisher file

YES! we do parties.pdf


Date a party - pick a prize!  If your focus is dating parties - then talk about that!  If you only talk product - you will sell - not date or recruit!  


  • Have a 'fish pond' - Fill Chip n Dip bowl with water - have your smidgets floating!  Date a party - pick a smidget!  They can have the smidget as a bonus gift for dating a party!  or....

Inside the Smidget??? Have a bonus gift:

    •  Bonus dating gift
    • Get free tax on your personal order at your party
    • Get free shipping on your personal order at your party
    • Have $450 in sales - get $10 extra FREE Tupperware
    • Party theme ideas...Salsa Party; Girls Night In; Chocolate Tini; Microwave Cooking; etc
  •  Key Chain Dating Tree
    • Have a mini tree - clip keychains on the branches - date a party and get a key chain!
    • Or have a dating game - pick a keychain - you get whatever it says - half say 'party time' other half says - some kind of gift!  

What you talk about - you bring about!  Make sure your display focuses on what YOU want! 


Be sure to get THEIR info so you can follow up!  I suggest giving away a gift certificate- or multiple certificates!  You can offer $10 gift certificate - or date a party and it becomes a $20 or $25 certificate!  Your choice - they are easier to mail than a bowl or other product!

You can also follow up - thanks for stopping by our booth at the______.  You did not win the door prize but is there anything I can help you with?  Have you thought about having a Tupperware party?  We have wonderful specials for our hosts!  An average host receives $100 in free and 1/2 price Tupperware!

fair lead slip.pdf

Word Document:  fair Lead slip.doc


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